Proper management is a key to success of any project. Here at Incredee we have paid some extra attention to extracct key concepts of successful project management.

Balanced Adaptiveness

There are two common categories of problems arising while managin projects. First is that managers often try to set up the one and only right way of doing things ending up in a boring unnecessary burocracy which distracts both parties - clients and team members. Second problem is the lack of structure and order, ending up in a mess. Here at Incredee we found out that project management process should be adaptable to project requirement and client's processes. However this adaptiveness should be balanced with strict and simple interaction contracts between parties, leading to effective and predictable cooperation.


Emails, calls and discussions are often helpless becasue of lack of visualization. It is always better to see once then to hear 1000 times. As a rule of thumb we pay high attention to prepare visualization materials and proper explanations of the problems we meet. Of course preparing visual content requires more time then writing few lines of text, however it only seems so. Proper explanation with visualization allows to resolve problem without extra communication expenses thus saving time, efforts and money for clients and Incredee managers.


Companies often favor manager communication skills over competency. Unfortunately this is wrong when it comes to IT. Complexity of information technologies often result in managers unable making rational decisions and slowing down projects turnaround. Here at Incredee we pay high attention to management staff. Our key to success is teaching experienced IT professionals to communicate and manage projects instead of hiring successful candidates without IT skills.

Instant reaction

Our potential customers often complain about slow reaction on their requests. Problem gets even worse when there are many queued tasks.To prevent this we decided to set up following internal rules: - Whatever it takes every request should be served within two hours - Reaction on simple requests should be a solution to the problem


There should always be an escalation path. So if manager is overloaded with the requests and ongoing work, there is always dedicated person who might provide an assistance on urgent tasks.