Fields of interest

Here at Incredee we believe that it is very essential to stay focused and know exactly what we're doing. That is why we've spent lots of time thinking out and defining main fields of interest for our company.


Web development is in high demand today. Popularity of the Internet among consumers is very high and growing exponentially. Every serious business is already represented on the web or at least thinking about that. We've been proficient on the web programming from an early beginning, not to mention it was a starting point for our company.


Computer games are very popular consumer products today and industry is being widely supported and actively grown by large IT market players like Google, Apple, Sony and Microsoft. New markets and devices created by them intorduce tremendous distribution opportunities to small coompanies and IT startups. But while it's never been easier to reach wide audience then today, the variety and segmentation of platforms result in challenging engineering problems, and that's what we're good at.

We believe that smart engineering solutions multiplied by opportunities will guide our company to success and growth in that field.

Robotics and AI

Robotics and AI is undiscovered, but very promising field today. With many problems to solve and lots of space for innovation robotics and AI are most likely to change the quality of our life in nearest few decades.